Friske tanker om mental helse

Never broken, Nothing lacking - Interview with psychiatrist Bill Pettit

April 9, 2019

In this episode Marianne talks to Dr. Bill Pettit who are board-certified in psychiatry and holds an M.D. from University of Illinois College of Medicine and a B.A. from Creighton University, and has been previously board-certified in mind-body medicine, and twice certified in addiction medicine. He has spent the majority of his career awakening people to their innate mental health. 

They talk about how people cannot be broken, true the understanding of who we really are and how the mind works. Bill have for over 35 years now, seen people’s innate mental wellbeing reawakened, despite the labels, and diagnoses, given to them. He has witnessed countless stories of hope and change, inspired by individuals who found understanding and peace of mind where they (and others) previously thought it impossible.

Him and his wife Linda are coming to Norway in May, you can find out more about the seminar Never broken, nothing lacking. With decades of insight gained through their experience as clinicians, their unique work in mental health combines the essential spirituality of the Three Principles with science-based research, and a practical approach to guiding others to peace and wellbeing.

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