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Never broken, Nothing lacking PART 2 - Interview with psychologist Linda Pettit

April 15, 2019

In this episode Marianne talks to Dr. Linda Pettit who has an Ed.D. in counseling Psychology from West Virginia University, an M.A. in counselor education from Siena Heights University, and B.A. in Journalism from Michigan State university.  Her mental health career has included work in addictions, criminal justice, community agency (child and adult), private practice and academic settings.  Most recently, she served as director of a counselor education program and dean of a graduate college.

They talk about how the understanding about the logic of how the mind works and how experiences are created, is a paradigme shift In phycology. Linda talks about her own experience of coming over this understanding as a psychologist and how it changed her life and the life of her patients.

Currently, Linda is licensed as a psychologist in Michigan. As a counseling psychologist, her recent work with the Three Principles has focused on helping her clients move gracefully through difficult experiences, and find deeper levels of wisdom and love.

Linda and her husband Bill are coming to Norway in May, you can find out more about the seminar Never broken, nothing lacking. With decades of insight gained through their experience as clinicians, their unique work in mental health combines the essential spirituality of the Three Principles with science-based research, and a practical approach to guiding others to peace and wellbeing.

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